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Rating: StarStarStarStarStar_gray By: Tiffany M., Student Posted: April 21, 2011

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The Good:

The overall atmosphere is great. Honestly, the school just feels like home. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. The way Millsaps is able to teach their students to be great students, who can manage sports, volunteer in the community, and be active in student life is phenomenal. I especially love the emphasis they have put on being "one" with your community. Millsaps provides plenty of opportunities for their students to volunteer in the Jackson community to teach them that it is important to be a part of the community they live in. The school is great. I also love the facilities! The Activity Center is amazing and it is all free of charge. It has a great gym, weight room, swimming pool, and more. They even have free zhumba classes. Millsaps provides the ultimate college experience.

The Bad:

The only bad thing about the school is that the sororities do not actually have houses. They have lodges but no houses for the girls to actually live in. However, the fraternities have houses. Despite this though the greek life is still great at Millsaps.

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