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The Good:

The co-op program at Northeastern is excellent. It allows students to work full time for 6 months in a field that is related to their major. Northeastern continues to trump other internship programs offered at various colleges nation wide. In my co-op experience, I am able to directly relate what I have learned as a communication major and apply that knowledge to my job. The best part is, Northeastern builds up to 3 co-ops into their curriculum. That means 3 opportunities to work anywhere in the world for 6 months and receive credit towards your degree. In today’s world, already having credible work experience and a network of past employers upon graduation from undergrad is beyond valuable.

The Bad:

The worst thing about this school would have to be some of the housing options on campus. There is a mix of brand new state of the art buildings with central air to dorms that have been here for decades. My room is slanted as the building is slightly caving in. In addition, some of the dorms are very far away from classes. The housing department is incredibly uncooperative when handling requests. You could either luck out with a great dorm that is five minutes from campus or you could be stuck in a building with mice and rusty pipes. There is literally a mouse in my room darting across the floor as I type this.

Would I do it again?

Yes, Despite a few conflicts with the housing department and a dreadful experience in American Sign Language, I would definitely attend Northeastern University again. It has already provided me with opportunities that I would not be able to have if I chose to attend a different college. The courses are challenging and engaging, and the professors are extremely helpful and approachable. The diversity on campus is great and I have been exposed to many different cultures. The academics combined with the unique co-op program provides a well rounded education and enjoyable college experience.

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