Review of Old Dominion University

Rating: StarStar_grayStar_grayStar_grayStar_gray By: Sunset D., Reviewer Posted: July 23, 2010

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The Good:

The best things about the school are the city in which it's located & the fact that its tuition is cheaper than that of many other state schools. I would not choose to go again, though, as I do not feel the school did not offer a good educational experience.

The Bad:

The worst thing about the school was the fact that it was extremely difficult to get a spot in numerous classes I had to take in order to fulfill the major & minor class requirements. I think the school could be greatly improved by eliminating the professors who did a terrible job of teaching their courses & could not speak English correctly. I would advise high school students who were considering attending the school to decide against doing so, as the negative factors definitely outweigh the positive ones the school has to offer.

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