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The music department. The faculty and staff of the music department are probably some of the most disrespectful individuals that I have ever met. If you are thinking of going into music you may need to look at other schools. The faculty will not think twice about your feelings or how hard you try, they will simply talk down to you and not acknowledge or appreciate the hard work you display. Also, If you are planning on getting involved in other organizations as well as music here at PC, which every student should be involved, then PC is not the place for you. The music department will not understand other commitments one has to other organizations here on campus.

Would I do it again?

Yes, Yes because I love the faculty (besides the music department) and the students here at PC. No, because of the music department. I am involved in many organizations here at PC, like everyone should and PC encourages it, the music department does not support if their students are involved in other things and have prior commitments.

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