Review of Quinnipiac University

Rating: StarStarStarStar_grayStar_gray By: Lindsay B., Student Posted: April 12, 2011

My review

The Good:

The best thing about Quinnipiac is the small campus and classes. You are able to build a relationship with your professors.

The Bad:

As a freshman you are not allowed a car until the second semester, and you have to take shuttles around town. It can be a bit of a hassle.

Would I do it again?

Yes, You are able to meet new people and grow new frienships with everyone.

About this school

Biggest influence when choosing this school Athletics

The financial aid process did not matter as I did not apply for any aid.

Professors are generally Inspiring

The night life is Quiet

Every student at this school needs Rain Jacket, it rains alot in Connecticut

Most students spend their Saturday nights New Haven -Down Town

About the reviewer

Went to Cambridge-Isanti High School in Minnesota

Currently a Freshman

Favorite class is Math110

Favorite professor is Prof. Dawson

Favorite activity is going to the Fitness classes at the Rec. Center

Study Hard? Pray? Donate Money? Do really well in school, and/or be good at a sport.

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Worth the Money

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