Review of Quinnipiac University

Rating: StarStarStarStar_grayStar_gray By: Kelley Y., Alum Posted: September 14, 2010

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The Good:

The campus is gorgeous, modern and clean! The upperclassmen dorms are great and all the dorms are in the same area on campus. Most of the classroom buildings, offices, and student center all surround the quad area. The cafeteria is brand new and has been renovated. The food options are amazing compared to other schools. Directly across the street from the school is Sleeping Giant State Park. There is a new York Hill campus which has brand new dorms, a student center, cafeteria, gym, etc. Also, on this campus (which is down the street from the main campus) is a gorgeous duel basketball and hockey area and facility. Classes are generally small (usually no more that 30 students), even the freshman classes. There are free shuttle buses that go into Hamden and New Haven. There is a fantastic peer-tutoring center called the Learning Center, which provides free course-specific tutoring with students who have perviously took the course and excelled in it. Academic scholarships are good. The school has its own polling institute, which is often mentioned on Nationwide news. The practical health science programs (physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic triaing etc.) are some of the best in the country. Wireless internet everywhere on campus.

The Bad:

If you are a hockey or basketball fan this school is great, but the other athletics lack in support and excitemnt. The athletic and gym facilities for the regular students also lack in quantity and quality. It can be very crowded and annoying. This can be a "suitcase" school, since many students come from a close area. There is little diversity in the student population. Many are white upper-middle class from the tri-state area, but are getting better. There are not any late night options for food on campus, but there are local delivery places that accept Q-cash. There are no Frat or Sorority houses on campus. Very expensive, but worth it. Some science laboratories and research opportunities lack. The school only supports Dell computers purchased through the school.

Would I do it again?

Yes, So much has changed at this school since I was a freshman and this school continues to be dynamic and is constantly looking to make improvments. There is always something new going on!

About this school

Biggest influence when choosing this school Program/Major

The financial aid process went smoothly and I received the financial aid I needed.

Professors are generally Accessible

The night life is Off Campus

Every student at this school needs Laptop

Most students spend their Saturday nights Go out in New Haven

About the reviewer

Went to Manchester West High School

Favorite class is Cell Physiology

Favorite professor is Deborah Clark

Favorite activity is Outdoor sports

Another awesome thing is Lots of other colleges in the area

Study Hard? Pray? Donate Money? Be specific and passionate about your choice of major

I wish I knew No football team :(

Preparation for the workforce

Time needed to find a job post-graduation 1-6 months

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