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The Good:

Through the excellently organized activities and organizations, especially Accepted Student's Day and Orientation, I met of a variety of people that I am still friends with here in my third year at the school. In my opinion, the school's size, about 3,600 (undergraduate) is the perfect size where you can pass acquaintances on the way to class and always have at least a couple friends or familiar people in the dining hall to sit with. Due to this size, class size is also very reasonable as they vary from 20-30 students. As I am studying elementary education along with the Spanish language, thanks to my experience abroad in Barcelona for a semester, I find that all my professor are very creditable. As most of my education professors have written and published books, I trust I am getting a very sufficient education. In regards to popular programs that attract high-school graduates to our University, architecture and marine biology are widely recognized here. Although Roger Williams does not have a football team and only recently acquired a club hockey team, our sailing team, which is division I, is ranked #1 in the nation! All other sports are still competitive at the Division II level. Over the years, I have discovered most the student body is from the Northeast and our diversity is growing every year. In exchange for those here who study abroad, like I did, we too accept a wide variety of students from other countries in the attempt to encourage bridging other parts of the world together. Roger William's University has 48 study abroad programs that allow one to study at almost 100 different locations throughout the world. Because of its exceptional study abroad program, Roger Williams University is gaining more and more affiliate programs each year to help encourage and make the opportunity more accessible so students can gain amazing knowledge from the experience; one they cannot gain from a classroom. In one's free time. Roger Williams University has over 50 different clubs, club sports, and organizations to get involved in. These range from the Ball-Room Dance Club to the Ultimate Frisbee Club.

In between going to classes, studying and homework, and of course having fun, getting around campus and the local area is very easy. The University provides a shuttle system for those days you wake up late, that it’s raining, or for those who hate walking to the other side of campus. The convenience of this shuttle also brings you to the other dorms throughout campus and to the center of Bristol where all necessities can be found at Stop & Shop, CVS, subway and other restaurants, tanning, and gas stations. When spring comes around and the days are warm enough for the beach, the local bus transportation, called the RIPTA, is only a 20 minute trip to the local beaches in beautiful Newport. And of course, for those rainy days, the RIPTA can also take you to Providence where the Providence Place Mall is essential for shopping and where Federal Hill offers a great variety of dinning. Other awesome things about Roger William's University besides its location, friendly environment and educational opportunities, is its dining hall, which offers a lobster-steak dinner once a year and its fabulously organized Spring Weekend. Any visitors that have visited RWU will not only tell you its campus is beautiful and inviting but that our dining hall has amazing food, which is always open for suggestions to help satisfy any homesickness or withdrawal symptoms from Mom's cooking. Our past Spring Weekends have been awesome with concerts from OAR, The Fray, Lupe Fiasco, Third Eye Blind and Swayze to slip n' slides and cookouts.

The Bad:

I can say, having a 4.0 throughout highschool seemed to be a waste of effort. I am very disappointed in the financial aid and scholarships that the school gives out.

Although the summer in the area are beautiful, the winters are very brutal and windy. Being on the water can be discouraging when walking to class and getting wind burn on your face.

Another not so great thing about the school is the drinking policy and the fact that it is located in a "historical" town. This means cops break up every party and outside concerts are prohibited.

As this might be turn for other schools too, the parking here is very strict and limited. Freshman are not allowed to have cars.

Would I do it again?

Yes, I wish I could have four more years at this school! I am sad to be graduating next year. I am grateful for choosing RWU because it is a great size, in a welcoming and extremely beautiful environment filled with very nice people and faculty.

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