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The Good:

The best thing about SCAD is the environment that the school has created for its students. There are so many events, lectures, programs, etc going on every day that are directly related to our careers that its tough to choose which ones to go to. Everyone is so invested in helping us succeed that they have created a place for us to grow and prosper as artists and designers.

The Bad:

The worst thing about this school, which truly isn't terrible is that it is spread out across the city. There is no "SCAD Campus" per say. Each academic building is placed somewhere in the historic district and a bus system is required to get to many of them (provided by SCAD!).

Would I do it again?

Yes, Because I have learned so much since I got here. If it weren't for SCAD, I would never be ready to go out into the real world. Every project, every paper, and every lecture is geared towards preparing students for the real world. Companies know that we will be good employees simply because we have attended this school.

About this school

Biggest influence when choosing this school Career potential

The financial aid process went smoothly and I received the financial aid I needed.

Professors are generally Creative

The night life is Off Campus

Every student at this school needs Money for art supplies - around $500 a semester plus textbooks

Most students spend their Saturday nights Doing homework. We don't have classes on Fridays so you party early and study late.

About the reviewer

Went to Douglas High School

Currently a Sophomore

Favorite class is Creative Concepting

Favorite professor is Sean Trapani

Favorite activity is Humans vs. Zombies

Study Hard? Pray? Donate Money? Work really hard on your portfolio and be ambitious.

I wish I knew How much work it really is. We live 20 minutes from the beach and I have been 4 times since I started college two years ago!

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