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Rating: StarStarStarStar_grayStar_gray By: Lauren K., Student Posted: April 21, 2011

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The Good:

This school has offers a lot of opportunities of things to do on campus. We have concerts once a semester and we bring big name performers! We have had bands like Drake, Wiz Khalifa, and Dierks Bently. We have also had comedians like Kevin Hart and Demetri Martin. There always seems to be something going on every week throughout the school year.

The Bad:

Scheduling for classes is a huge pain in the butt but eventually things can work out. Also, the library could use a lot of improvement and maybe a renovation.

Would I do it again?

Yes, I have had some remarkable experiences while being here. I have joined groups and learned about issues I do not think I would have otherwise known about. The people you meet, along with professors and other faculty and staff, are genuinely great people. Anyone would help you out if you just take the time to ask.

About this school

Biggest influence when choosing this school Class sizes

The financial aid process went smoothly and I received the financial aid I needed.

Professors are generally Engaging

The night life is Epic

Every student at this school needs If you live in the traditional dorms, a fan is necessary during the first few months. In general, a laptop is a definite necessity. It seems that it comes standard with every college student today, but the library does not have very many computers to accommodate a huge group of people. However, if you needed help with your laptop or other technological things, there is a 24-hour help desk! Also, our campus bookstore contains a lot of supplies that can pretty much solve any problem you might have.

Most students spend their Saturday nights Any student who is 21+ years old can most likely be spotted at the local bar, Ginger Hill. Otherwise, the rest of campus is at one of the many parties going on at nearby apartment complexes or they may have gone home for the weekend.

About the reviewer

Went to Mercyhurst Preparatory High School

Currently a Junior

Favorite class is Abnormal Psychology

Favorite professor is Dr. Sylvia Hawranick

Favorite activity is Hanging out in the Quad on nice days!

Another awesome thing is This campus has made the list of one of the top 50 safest schools in the U.S. which is pretty awesome. I am a Psychology major and I love it! The professors here are awesome as well. It is hard to find a professor who will not go out of their way to help you. Whether you need help on a project, help studying for tests, or just personal advice, you can find it anywhere on campus with any of the professors. We also have Villagefest at the beginning of the fall semester every year and it is basically a big community festival. There were llamas there this past year! And the fire department has a big BBQ cookout for everyone! Everyone knows that firefighters are the best cooks. Also, there are an immense amount of clubs and organizations on campus, literally one for everything. If there isn't a club around for an interest of yours, all you need to do is find a few more people who are interested in starting a group and you're well on your way to starting up a new organization! The facilities on campus are pretty great too. Our exercise complex, the ARC, is top notch. We have a huge weight room, a rock wall, three basketball courts, an indoor basketball court/soccer field, and a circuit track. Everything there is new and really nice. It is definitely something to take advantage of while you're here! Most students in their free time are hanging out at Rocky's which is another place to eat on campus. Rocky's is like four little diners in one local area in the basement of our Union. If it is a nice day out, you can find students all over campus playing catch or kicking a soccer ball around. We also just got brand new intramural fields for soccer and football and a new intramural baseball/softball field!

Study Hard? Pray? Donate Money? This school is generally pretty easy to accepted into. If you meet the requirements and apply for the early admission, you are guaranteed an acceptance letter. Otherwise, make sure your overall QPA is at least a 2.0 and that your application is on time and expresses some sort of involvement over the course of your high school career.

I wish I knew I wish that I would have known that this school is a "suitcase" campus. Suitcase basically means that most students, about half, go home on the weekends. It does make it pretty nice when you live on campus and are trying to get into the dining hall! Very short lines on weekends!

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