Review of Spelman College

Rating: StarStar_grayStar_grayStar_grayStar_gray By: Pam J., Alum Posted: March 02, 2012

My review

The Good:

I cannot identify a single good thing about this deplorable institution

The Bad:

Everything... The school creates division in terms of the number of females able to join those useless GLO. The academics very bad. I breezed through in three years because I wasn't challenged, either there or morehouse in the classes. I knew there were problems when I attended a summer program and girls already decided what they would pledge and how to go about it. Then ask to copy my work. At the end of the summer program of the 3 awards they gave, I got 2. Didn't take the class. "women" selected are a bunch of wanna be divas, trying to look like Paris Hilton and be so elite. But they come across as younger versions of poorly educated Sheree Whitfield

Would I do it again?

No, I hated the classes, the dorms, the work was a breeze. I graduated in 3 years, made straight As and because of that, I was isolated,not invited anywhere and I have NO friends. The school is such a joke

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