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The Good:

The school definitely has a nice ambiance, students and faculty are overall very nice and approachable people. Small class sizes are great because professors always have time to help you and the small campus makes getting to class easy/fast (i.e. wake up 10 minutes before class and make it there on time).

The Bad:

There is just no nightlife or fun things to do on campus; apparently there used to be, but “all the fun people graduated last spring.” Mobile is a small, boring city and the downtown area is a pathetic excuse for nightlife and is usually pretty dead. There is one “club” (i.e. a super trashy bar with a dingy 9X9 dancefloor with a stripper pole) and a few bars that serve minors, but I was bored of the downtown scene after about a month of being here. I think being in a sorority or fraternity helps assuage the endemic boredom on campus, but they’re expensive to join ($700 a semester) and the perks are limited (you don’t even get to live in a house).

Would I do it again?

No, This school is tanking FAST and is extremely money-hungry ever since the recession; philanthropists backed out of their donations and enrollment numbers plummeted. So, basically the school gives anyone with a highschool diploma a half-ride and have really lowered their standards on admitted students. Naturally, what follows is a very unimpressive, unmotivated student body; teachers have dumbed down their classes to accomodate for the profusion of dummies in this school (all in efforts to make less people fail out so the school can keep getting their tuition money). Overall, student morale is low. From what I hear, most students feel that SHC is not a respected or an even wellknown institution, and most people aren’t particaularly proud to be here because most people came here because it was the only school that gave them a decent scholarship, not because they really wanted to be here. Personally, I am dissatisfied with this school because I was disillusioned by the low-grade the academics; the core requirements are redundant of high school and a waste of my youth; many of my friends transferred after their first semester; and I am bored on the weekends.

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