Review of St. Johns University-New York

Rating: StarStarStarStar_grayStar_gray By: Anyesha B., Student Posted: April 14, 2011

My review

The Good:

The best thing about this school is its appearance. The campus has beautiful, lush lawns and state of the art architectural buildings.

The Bad:

The worst thing about this school is its policies. They are ridiculously restrictive, making it hard and at times impossible to enjoy any of the various activities they offer, especially if you dorm on campus.

Would I do it again?

No, It is too expensive for what is offered. They sell you pipe dreams of students lounging on the lawn and an education to be rivaled by Ivy league schools, when really the academics are just as good as other, less expensive schools, with the exception of a few select professors. This school caters to athletes, and the only way you will truly enjoy all the "opportunities' of St. John's is if you are an athlete on one of the many sports teams as well. I wish I had went to a cheaper school, or at least did two years somewhere else, and then came here.

About this school

Biggest influence when choosing this school Location

The financial aid process was a hassle, but I eventually received the aid I needed.

Professors are generally Challenging

The night life is Spent in a Bar

Most students spend their Saturday nights Drinking at local bars.

About the reviewer

Went to Prospect Heights

Currently a Freshman

Favorite class is Philosophy

Favorite professor is Professor Styranko

I wish I knew That everything you are shown on the college tour is a staged facade.

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