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When I was a student at St. Olaf College there were a lot of core course requirements - I suspect that the curriculum requirements have not changed much since I was there. It goes without saying (ca va de soi) that you will have a lot of opportunities for breadth of study but I would also suggest to try to take as many classes in your major as possible. I chose Philosophy as my major and Statistics as a minor field of study. There are a lot of major / minor options so it is important to have some idea of what you intend to major / minor in early on.

One of my biggest mistakes in course planning is that I saved all of my 300 level courses for my senior year. If at all possible try to stagger your upper level course work throughout your four years in order to avoid being overworked. The 300 level courses in Philosophy and Math were very time intensive and it is important to make the time to do your best in these classes. My personal experience in the Philosophy seminar classes was very interesting because these classes are not "taught" by the professor - he / she merely guides student discussions - so be prepared to contribute!

To this day I do wish that I had made the effort to study abroad. There are so many opportunities to study abroad at St. Olaf College and the majority of students do find a way to make this experience possible. My limited budget and the way I sequenced my coursework both prevented me from participating in the study abroad program and I do think that I missed a tremendous opportunity. There will be time to travel after college but the experience of traveling with a group of friends in a learning environment is essentially what I missed.

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