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The Good:

One of the things I like about Delhi is the people here, during my first semester I met some great people. I have two roommates and one of them is a very close friend now. The campus is great i like it, you have amazing scenery there, a lot of green but its very calming, and I haven't truly experienced the harsh winter yet but if you like the cold its awesome and there are a lot of places to snowboard but it gets cold trust me, I came back for break and the weather here in the city is NICE compared to Delhi, so that should give you an idea of how cold it gets. So at Delhi its a small with about 3,500 students similar to my high school, but a lot more buildings and different people.

The food is fairly decent the only thing that sucks is there are only two places on campus to eat essentially. There is Farrell Hall(which is the main place on campus pretty much everything is in Farrell--mailboxes, campus store, student offices and clubs meet there, conference rooms, and a lounge area with pool tables) and here you can either eat in or grab and go, they have sandwiches, burgers, fries, pizza, wings, soups and other stuff. Then there is mac hall, where i work, where you eat in, and its all you can eat opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner.Some places to eat are McDonald's, Pizza Hut, this great Chinese food place, pizza place and some cafes in town--but because it's a small town, a lot of the cafes close early on the weekends, there is also a subway in town but its kind of hidden. There is also the Campus Convenience which is opened from Sunday-Thursdays, closed on the weekends, which sells frozen pizza and other snack foods. Also in Farrell is an ice cream shoppe called treat street there stuff is good. There is also a student run restaurant, where i will also be working at in a semester, its opened for lunch and dinner but you need reservations, its called Signatures and we get discounts. So that's about all the places you can eat on and off campus and they're thinking of adding more places on campus or more choices at least.

First thing you should know is that just like NYC snow days are RARE. We did have classes canceled once this past semester but it was because of the rain, when it rains in Delhi it pours! I enjoyed my classes this semester, the professors generally care for you and try to help. Depending on what type of class you take, they are typically small, smaller than the class sizes in Delhi about 24 students max to 1 professor. My largest class was my orientation to Hospitality Industry with about 160 people in a lecture hall, my smallest was my lab class which had about 8 or 12 people in it. One of the great things at Delhi is there hands on learning, the labs are incredible and similar to what you would work in the real world.

Delhi is a decent party school. Our parties typically start from Thursdays and end Sunday. Most of the parties are hosted by the Fraternities and Sororities. Another thing is Delhi is HUGE on GREEK LIFE, I pledged a fraternity this semester I pledged for the best damn brotherhood on campus TAU DELTA CHI (TDX), but its all about where you fit more, where your family is. But I can say that pledging and becoming a brother has definitely made my semester a lot more fun, pledging was hard but definitely worth it. But the Student Life on campus is good too, the Student Programming Board does an awesome jobs, showing new movies in Okun theater which is also in Farrell Hall. We The Kings came to my school along with JCOLE on the Pringles Extreme Tour. So we have a lot to do on campus and if you want to party a lot of those happen off campus in fraternity or sorority houses, and you can also hang at your friend's place if they live off campus as well.

The Bad:

Delhi is what you make of it, I'll start off by saying that. Its in the middle of no where pretty much, there is no movie theater, mall, pretty much not a lot to do. It is a small village and if you want to go to the mall, movies, walmart, applebees anything like that, you have to go to Oneonta which is about a 30 mins drive to the mall or whatever, which is nothing impressive to what we are accustomed to, there is a movie theater in Oneonta and places to eat and a bowling alley i think. So now that I've said all that you probably don't want to come here anymore, but its the truth.

Like I said before its what you make of it, if you're the type of person who's outgoing and likes meeting new people and trying new things then you'll really like it there. If you're the type of person who's going to stay in there dorm room and not do anything and expect stuff to come to you, you're going to hate it and probably won't survive college.

Would I do it again?

Yes, Its a great college, and I've been having a great college experience thus far. My classes are wonderful, with great professors who genuinely care about you and do their best to help you, and they all have so much experience in their fields. The Student life is incredible here for such a small school, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed my college experience at SUNY Delhi.

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