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Rating: StarStar_grayStar_grayStar_grayStar_gray By: Kate A., Alum Posted: July 08, 2012

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Nothing was good about this school.

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Managers, Educators, Education

Would I do it again?

No, I went to Tricoci University Libertyville as a student and just recently graduated. The school really puts themselves out there and says that they are the best and the most professional. IT IS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE!!!!! Never go to this school to get your hair done or to get an education. Almost every single student at that school wishes that they had picked a different school. The managers are EXTREMELY unprofessional, rude, mean, uneducated, and ridiculously ignorant. Everyday there was a different student crying because of the way the educators and/or management had treated them. The education is not consistent at all!! One teacher will tell you one thing and then another teacher will come up to you and tell you to do the exact opposite of what the first teacher told you to do. Most of the educators there are very rude with the guest and make them feel very uncomfortable. I have seen many clients leave do to the educators being absurdly rude. Every morning the whole school gets together and has a meeting and in the meeting the managers give out about 5 new rules. Everybody always lost track of what was and wasn't aloud. In the hand book and contract that we signed it stated certain rules, the more I was at the school I realized the rules kept changing and students were being terminated for rules they had never even heard of and were not in the contract they signed. It is almost impossible for the students to do services on one another. When in reality student services are one of the best ways to learn! It is not fun being at that school at all! Everyday the students just watch the clock waiting for the day to be over. The general manager is always calling different students into her office and she is constantly screaming at them (and when I say screaming I mean screaming). If any of the students ever needed to talk to either manager about payments, hours, sign offs, or any other problems it would take all day or even a few days just to be able to talk to them. They would always say that they are too busy and they have to many things to do even though the campus manager would go out for a cigarette break every hour and she would go to Donkin Donuts about 2 or 3 times a day. And you would think since its a school "high-end" and more than $20,000 to go there that the managers might feel obligated to show up to the school graduation. But once again things that should be prioritized are put to the bottom of the list. Both managers left the campus before the graduation started. There are so many backward pointless rules that hurt the students, like; if you are sick, you have to worry about getting terminated because there are no makeup hours aloud, If you're shoes are all black but they have a little tiny gray Nike check on it you will get a write up and be sent home, If you have a piece of gum in your mouth you will get a write up. I could go on and on and on... Literally. Some of the girls have contacted there lawyers. They are trying to get there money back from the school. They feel as if they were tricked into paying and they did not receive the education that they should have. Bottom line DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!!! IT IS TOTAL CHAOS!!!

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