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Rating: StarStarStarStarStar_gray By: Bee C., Student Posted: April 23, 2011

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The Good:

The best thing about this school is the connections you can make. When community members hear "Tulane" they expect a standard of awareness and learning through liberal arts that challenges existing norms and works to change them.

The Bad:

It is a very fixed institution. The school prides itself on community service and working to better the community, but deeply resists internal change. We are currently protesting how our food service employees are treated- but were asked to move our peaceful protest off private school grounds.

Would I do it again?

Yes, The people you will meet at this institution and in New Orleans are wacky. They are offbeat, like the local music magazine and willing to challenge your ideas of how society should function. This city operates like no other in the US with bars open until 6 am, second line parades accompanying funeral processions, and school days off for Mardi Gras. This year our entire school year was set based on Mardi Gras and Easter holidays meaning my last day of classes was April 22nd. What other university has that?

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