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The Good:

Most employers around the country know about UC Berkeley. It's well regarded as a public Ivy League. Although graduating from Cal doesn't mean you'll get the job, most interviewers assume you're a well-educated person if you graduated from UC Berkeley. When I interview graduates from Cal for a job opening, I've been impressed with every single candidate including those that I didn't hire. A degree from here will serve you well.

Some of the departments here are very well regarded for both their undergraduate and graduate instruction. For example, the computer science department is one of the best in the nation with a rank that's just behind MIT. No matter what major you pick, you'll get top notch instruction at UC Berkeley.

The Bad:

The college experience at Cal can be very impersonal if you fail to take the initiative. The students that perform well are those who are not intimidated by their professors and go to office hours. They also make new friends by joining activities and clubs they enjoy rather than waiting for someone to knock on their door.

The classes here are generally much tougher than those you've experienced in high school and community college. It's not unusual to read several books per week as part of your homework. Even if you have straight A's from high school, it's possible you'll struggle in your first semester like many others have before. If you caught senioritis, it's best that you cure it completely before you show up.

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