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Rating: StarStarStarStarStar_gray By: Victoria H., Student Posted: April 27, 2011

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The Good:

Bordering the city lines of Newport Beach and Irvine, UCI is the utopian college town. With a variety of trees and a park smack dab in the middle of campus, UCI is nothing short of beautiful. At times, it doesn't even feel like you're at college when the beach is only a few miles away. During breaks between classes, take a bike ride down to catch some sun and waves to escape the books (or bring your books to read on the sand!). Or, if you're not up for traveling so far, you can always hit up our gym: the Anteater Recreation Center. Kobe can be seen working out every now and then, so if you're lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the star athlete in training!

Our libraries are also breath-taking. If you plan on using them to study or just to check out books the old fashion way, the Science Library contains bookshelves that move! And Langston Library is any book-lover's haven. If you're not there for the books, the two libraries also contain reading and meeting rooms, which are perfect for small seminars and study sessions.

Zot, zot, zot! Our school mascot is the anteater, and we couldn't be more proud. Who else can say they have such a unique embodiment of spirit? Peter the Anteater can be seen at rallies, games, and even wandering around campus from time to time. When you see a line of people patiently waiting around the bookstore, you know Peter is around to mingle for photos with students.

I especially love the smaller class sizes and availability of faculty to students. I've never had a problem getting to know teaching assistants and even professors on a personal level. Rarely did I ever have to make an appointment; more often than not, I would poke my head into office hours, and sit down to for an comfortable, open discussion with my instructors about class, school, and life. Who knew professors could feel like people too?

The Bad:

It's a bummer we don't have a football team, nor a football field; however, we make up for it in all our other sports. Our volleyball team has made it big, along with baseball and basketball. The Bren Events Center is a giant stadium that fills up for sports events, as well as concerts and other performances.

Sometimes, it is a bit inconvenient to navigate Irvine without your own car. But you learn to utilize your resources! There's always the choice of biking (and catching a glimpse of the lush scenery), riding the handy shuttles that can take you to the beach and mall, or using the OCTA to explore.

Would I do it again?

Yes, There is so much to student life I haven't yet experienced, even after spending four years here!

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