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The Good:

Taking my son to the University for Fall quarter was an amazing experience. Students living on campus have rooms in "houses," some of those beautiful buildings I mentioned earlier. Present students, that have volunteered to come to school early, help the "first years" at the houses with their luggage, information and the new students have someone with which to socialize right off the bat. These volunteer students are also the ones that cheer the first years on when they go through the tradition of walking through the University gates, wave goodbye to their parents and begin living as University of Chicago students. It is a wonderful program and made such a great impression that my son wants to volunteer to welcome next year's new students.

The Bad:

It appears that the great food presented during tour times and orientation is only provided at those times. My son said the quality on normal days in no way matches what we ate while visiting the campus. He stated that he and his friends can tell when prospective students are on campus, because the food quality improves dramatically. Just a small observation there.

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