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The Good:

The best thing about this school is the people you are surrounded by. Although this school is not Ivy, its students very well should be. Unlike other schools of this type, there is not a competitive atmosphere. Everyone is willing to help you and there is always help if you need it. Your fellow classmates or hall mates are there to help you as you strive for the same goal. Also the academics and curriculum here are very nice. I am a biomedical engineering major. What I love is that I am not forced to take a set curriculum of courses outside my major that I’m not interested in. The only required class is a freshmen writing class. Outside of that, engineers have to take a cluster ( a group of three classes in another area like humanities or social sciences) which is not bad considering the amount of choices and flexibility you have with it. Along with the classes, the professors teaching the courses I have taken have all been great. They all have office hours and invite you to come whenever you are in need of help. Also some of the larger classes have workshops or recitations in which a teaching assistant goes through the material that has already been taught in lecture to make it more clear to the students and make sure that they understand. Outside of academics, there are many things to do. There are sports teams, dance teams, academic clubs, singing groups, debate team, or whatever it is, there is a club for you. If not, you can do like many of my friends have and create a club. With clubs, you can get as involved or not involved as you like. The commitment is up to you. Of course, after you go to class and go to your weekly club meeting, there are many other things to do. Every weekend night, there is a movie put on for students in an auditorium that has not come out on DVD. There are performances often at the middle or end of the semester of performances of dance or singing groups. There are also convenient buses systems run through the university that go almost every day to take you to places throughout the city of Rochester.

The Bad:

One downside to this school is housing. Freshmen year, almost every student gets placed in a double. This is not bad considering that these double are a good sized compared to many other schools I have seen. Then sophomore year, you are also required to live on campus. With such large classes in the past few years, more the housing that sophomores can usually get into like suites has been taken by juniors. This again puts many sophomores in doubles almost exactly the same as the freshmen doubles. Although this may not be my ideal situation, this living area is conveniently located on campus close to all the academic and eating locations. I know that every college student says that their school has bad food, and that is mostly true. The food here is not great, but the thing that bothers me is the repetition of the same meals. With not too many dining choices, eating the same food every day gets hard. Advice: Go to the Meliora as much as possible. The Meliora is the on-campus restaurant that is significantly better than the food at any other dining hall.

Would I do it again?

Yes, I would decide to attend the University of Rochester again in a heartbeat. My decision is one of the best I've ever made. This place is amazing despite its flaws. The traditions here of Meliora Weekend of events and alumni to its annual pillow fight on the quad after the end of classes in the spring just make me so excited about my school. The feeling I get walking down the quad or sitting in my dorm is a feeling of being home. The atmosphere of the school really makes the University of Rochester what it is.

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You might also consider WPI, RPI or Rensselaer, Clarkson University

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