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The Good:

The best thing about USC is the willingness of its professors to help their students in any way possible. Many people look down on larger schools and say that the teacher/student ratio is poor and that if you were to attend a larger school the professors would not take the time to get to know you or even show much of an interest in you. This is completely false. The professors at USC are very concerned about their students and always want them to do well. USC does an excellent job in choosing its staff!

The Bad:

The worst thing about The University of South Carolina is how the athletic division is so quick to excuse inexcusable acts performed by team players. The athletes at USC are held on a pedestal which is understood because the athletic aspect of USC is most likely the most lucrative programs for the school. However, allowing student athletes to get away with crimes, poor grades and public drunkenness, without being suspended from the team is completely inexcusable.

Would I do it again?

No, I would have to say that if I could do it all again or start over I would most likely not. College has been an amazing experience but I am ready to set out on the journey of a lifetime. I want to begin my career and never look back. College is just a stage you should pass through to ensure success and credibility. I would not want to stretch it out any longer than it should be. Plus, I cannot wait to graduate!

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