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Rating: StarStarStarStarStar_gray By: Emily B., Student Posted: April 25, 2011

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The Good:

The best thing about this institution is that everything just seems to "click" for me. The campus is warm and welcoming. The faculty and staff are always there to help -even if a question is not pertaining to homework that was assigned last week ans even get involve with functions students and clubs have organized. The students go above and beyond to make new friends, get involed in their studies and their surroundings, and give their 110% on game days. There is something here for everyone, and it is not always the same thing that seals the deal for each person. Some love the fact that the library is open until midngiht so they can get extra studying, or cramming, time in. Others enjoy participating in different sororities, fraternities, and clubs that have different activities available almost every other day. I personally enjoy how I can be at a "home away from home." WVWC has given me the freedom that I've been dreaming of, but also set the standards high so that I remember I am still in college and I need to focus on the goals I have set for myself. I can have fun and learn in the same environment. I am majoring in athletic training, which involves many hours observing, practicing, and studying different aspects and techniques of an athletic trainer. While one might think it would be awful to spend so much time in the same facility, I personally enjoy it. You always learn something new everyday and you get to connect with other students (the student-athletes) who are majoring in something different than you, but maybe have some interests and goals similar to yours. Even though this institution in not very far away from my real home, I can truly say it is my home among the hills.

The Bad:

The worst thing about WVWC is the construction that seems to be never-ending. Currently, there is a new dorm being built that is set to be finished before the next fall semester starts. before this construction began, someone donated a sum of money. In return, they asked for the Chapel's Oval parking lot to be transformed into "green space." This actually caused more harm than it was supposed to cure. Since all the parking around the Chapel had been taken away, new parking lots were made and more bricks and concrete were used to make sidewalks. This is something I do not consider to be "green." And even though the student senate was allowed to give their opinion of the "green space" and voted against it, the damage was still made to the parking lot and the environment.

Would I do it again?

Yes, Even though I was not expecting such an expensive bill for my schooling, I would definitley attend this school again. The people on and off campus are cheerful and welcoming, the acedemics are what I had hoped for, and the campus life is never boring or routine.

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