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Applicant must be a resident of Kent or Ottawa County, Mich., for three years. Applicant must be a fu...(more)

Applicant must be pursuing a career in the visual arts....(more)

Applicant must be a Maine resident and an independent, adult student pursuing continuing education. S...(more)

Applicant must demonstrate academic excellence. Letter of recommendation, personal essay, transcripts...(more)

Applicant must have a minimum composite ACT score of 21, a minimum 3.0 GPA, and be a resident of Mobi...(more)

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An annual $2000 scholarship to one college/university student in the United States will be awarded to...(more)

Awards ranging from $900 to $4,000 are offered to Accredited Airport Executives (A.A.E.s), their spou...(more)

The Leonore Annenberg Teaching Fellowship, the equivalent of a national “Rhodes Scholarship” for teac...(more)

Full-time undergraduate or graduate students attending four-year HACU-member institutions with a decl...(more)