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Applicant must be a graduate of a high school on the island of Hawaii and be accepted as an upper cla...(more)

- Intend to earn a degree in engineering or a related science or as defined by the individual univers...(more)

Shutterfly is proud to announce the $10,000 educational program we've established to help graphic des...(more)

Plus a paid internship with the Bureau of Reclamation for 8-10 weeksAwarded to American Indian/Alaska...(more)

New York City public high school students may compete in the All-City Students Art Exhibit. Scholarsh...(more)

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At, we believe that scholarships can give ambitious students the opportunity to focus o...(more)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations' (CAIR) annual Rosa Parks Civil Liberties Scholarship honor...(more)

Race Entry is an online race registration company that supports students of all disciplines who pursu...(more)