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- Intend to earn a degree in engineering or a related science or as defined by the individual univers...(more)

Plus a paid internship with the Bureau of Reclamation for 8-10 weeksAwarded to American Indian/Alaska...(more)

Applicant must be a graduate of a high school on the island of Hawaii and be accepted as an upper cla...(more)

. The AfterCollege & Ensign Therapy Occupational Therapy Student Scholarship is available to students...(more)

Applicant must have had contact with the Family Division of Circuit Court, and must submit an essay, ...(more)

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The Academy’s primary mission is to promote the education of all culinarians by mentoring culinarians...(more)

There are two categories of scholarships being offered to the winners of this competition: The Priva...(more)

The “Student Loan Assistance Counsel” Scholarship is designed to help students with the cost of their...(more)

SLAC Scholars represent a community of young leaders reinvigorating American education. A rare breed...(more)