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Full Sail University: Reviews and Social Media Skyrocket

Full Sail University skyrocketed 31 spots in the most recent StudentAdvisor Top 100 Social Media Colleges. Full Sail University had the biggest jump - more than any other college or university. Full Sail University located near Orlando, offers programs in audio, film, design, computer animation, and business, but its more than just academics that contribute to Full Sail University’s social media success. This innovative university is hosting events and partnering with up-and-coming industries and tastemakers to create great content and keep Full Sail University relevant, original and indispensable.

“Social media has become a preferred means of communication," says Melissa Albers, Director of Social Media at Full Sail University, "and an important tool for students to learn about the university in the decision making process and throughout their education.”

Over the past year, Full Sail University has developed several innovative uses of social media including partnering with the Orlando Magic to create once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for current students, and connecting with alumni during the 2012 Academy Awards ceremony. Their social media community has exploded, as they grew their Facebook and Twitter accounts by more than 75,000 members in the past six months. The combination of Full Sail University’s one-of-a-kind activities, social media support, and impressive community expansion propelled Full Sail University into the top 20 percent of the Top 100 Social Media Colleges.

“We’ve focused on building our social communities into a place where students, alumni and fans alike can be inspired, learn and network,” Albers said. “Our community is very important to us, and we believe that they are strongly responsible for making this happen.”

As interest in Full Sail University, the number of school reviews has also exploded on StudentAdvisor.com. Many of the Full Sail University reviews comment on the rigor of the academic programs, the facilities, and the availability of online courses.

Full Sail University social media capitalized on four major tenets of great community development and engagement:

Use Community Engagement to Advertise: Orlando Magic National Anthem Contest: Full Sail University partnered with the NBA’s Orlando Magic to select students or staff to sing the National Anthem at two Orlando Magic Games in April with students Bruce Bean and Jessie L. Nunn III emerging as the winners! The university promoted auditions heavily through Facebook and Twitter to students and staff, which resulted in a large turn out. The first winner was selected during a live audition in the Full Sail University Live Venue and the second winner will be selected based on social audience voting through the Orlando Magic and Full Sail University communities. By using Facebook and Twitter as a medium for connecting and engaging students, Full Sail University can rely on those channels for advertising school events.

Use Social Media to Cover Events: ESPN, EA Sports and College Football Analyst Desmond Howard: As part of an ongoing collaboration with ESPN, Full Sail University welcomed ESPN, EA Sports and Desmond Howard to campus to unveil the new virtual GameView Technology, a tool for ESPN analysts to simulate plays and games. The event, which offered students and staff an opportunity to meet Heisman Trophy winner and Superbowl MVP, Desmond Howard, was covered live extensively on the official Full Sail University Twitter, Facebook and blog

Create Social Communities Around Student Accomplishments: Grammy and Oscar Awards Celebrations: Full Sail University is the alma mater of 71 Grammy nominees and 98 Oscar nominees this year, who worked on a total of 81 projects. They held an event to celebrate the accomplishments and had students and faculty use the hashtag #FSGrammy and #FSOscars, both of which became trending topics on Twitter. The Full Sail Blog hosted Grammy Week and Oscar Week, with relevant content and creative site takeovers. Content created as a result of the Grammy event saw 1.5 million impressions and an audience reach of nearly 250,000, while the Oscar event had 1.8 million impressions and an audience reach of over 175,000. By integrating their web presence, events, and social media presence with their great alumni network, Full Sail University has developed a supportive community using social media.

Use Social Media for Desirable Content: Boyz II Men: Full Sail University partnered with R&B group Boyz II Men to provide behind the scenes photos and live coverage from the set of the music video shoot for their new single “One More Dance.” Full Sail used Facebook and Twitter to release these exclusive photos and videos to their fans and followers. As Full Sail University is a pre-professional institution for those looking to enter the entertainment industry, integrating students’ interest in the music industry with their interest in social media was a sure-fire way to gain traction in their Twitter and Facebook communities.

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