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Tuition and Financial Aid

Kaplan University offers a variety of degrees both online and on campus. The cost of education varies by program, but regardless of what you decide to study Kaplan University is more than willing to help you find the financial solution that is right for you. Financial aid is available for students who qualify. However, students can also apply for a Kaplan University scholarship which unlike student loans does not need to be repaid. All of the funds you receive apply directly towards paying your tuition, and can even lower the price of earning your degree by as much as 20%. Savings vary by the cost of the different programs, but for a typical undergraduate bachelor’s program you could save up to $11,872 on your tuition with a Kaplan Scholarship.

Other scholarships are available such as the Academic Achievement Scholarship which is a 20% tuition reduction offered by Kaplan University to outstanding academic achievers, as well as a Criminal Justice, Fire Science, Emergency Services Scholarship which awards eligible students with up to $200 per course per term for programs in the School of Criminal Justice. A number of other scholarships are also listed on the Kaplan University website. Information about Loans and Grants can also be found on the Kaplan University website. Federal and State Grants, loan options, work study programs and other agencies and programs can be learned about in detail to help finance your education.

Kaplan University actively supports servicemembers,veterans and even military spouses. Kaplan University offers reduced tuition rates and fees waivers for military students and also accepts military credits earned through DANTES/CLEP exams.

Kaplan University recently introduced the Kaplan Commitment. Kaplan believes that students should have the opportunity to experience Kaplan University for an introductory period with no tuition obligation. It's available to new students, online or on campus. Students can attend real classes for real credits. Then decide during the introductory period of five weeks if Kaplan University is right for you. If not, all that is owed is the application fee. However, these classes count toward your degree if completed.

Tuition Pay Plan Offered: No

Tuition 2010/2011 Undergrad Grad
Avg In-State $15,327 $13,230
Avg Out-State $15,327 $13,230
Additional Fees Undergrad Grad
Required Fees    
In-State $300 $300
Out-State $300 $300
Per Credit Charge    
In-State $405 $441
Out-State $405 $441
Total Fees    
In-State $300 -
Out-State $300 -
Books & Supplies $0 -
Room & Board    
On-Campus - -
Off-Campus - -
Tuition + Additional Fees Undergrad Grad
Avg In-State $15,627 $13,530
Avg Out-State $15,627 $13,530
Avg Amount Grant Received: $2,769
49% Grant Aid
54% Any Aid
Avg Amount Federal Grant Received: $2,905
32% Federal Grant Aid
Avg Amount Local Grant Received: $1,555
4% Local Grant Aid
Avg Amount Federal Loan Received: $10,857
Avg Total Undergrad Grant Aid: $131,001,808
Total Undergraduates who receive PELL: - Avg Amount PELL Received: $2,613
44% PELL Aid
Avg Amount Loan Aid Received: $11,935
62% Federal Loan Aid
40% Loan Aid
Avg Amount School Grant Received: $4,150
9% School Grant Aid
Source: U.S. Department of Education 2010/11

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