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United States Naval Academy: 10 Reasons to Consider the USNA

by Ashley Rawls | for StudentAdvisor.com

We know the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. is different than other colleges and universities. For some, a military academy may not be the right choice, but for others it’s a goldmine of opportunities. Before you make a decision, you owe it to yourself to see if the Naval Academy is the right fit for you.

Naval Academy: Is it right for you?

1.    You want to contribute to something bigger than yourself. USNA is about getting a great education, but it’s also much more. The lessons you will learn at USNA will stay with you for the rest of your life. We will develop you as a leader and provide you with the skills required to serve our nation for years to come.

2.    You’re in excellent physical condition. During your four years at USNA you will be continuously challenged physically. You’ll have to do push-ups and sit-ups, and then run one and a half miles in ten minutes and thirty seconds for males or twelve minutes and thirty seconds for females. You must be able to keep that pace all four years. The physical rigors of USNA will prepare you for the strenuous, but rewarding, efforts that will be required of you as a Navy or Marine Corps officer.

3.    You enjoy (OK … you don’t mind) taking science and engineering classes, even if you’re an English major. Physics, calculus, thermodynamics: it’s all here at USNA. Your hard work will pay off in the form of a Bachelor of Science degree, regardless of your major.

4.    You think long term. After you receive a degree you also receive a commission in the Navy or Marine Corps to serve your country. We’ll teach you how to fly a plane, navigate a ship, dive a submarine or charge a hill with the Marines. You will have the opportunity to experience several career options during your time at USNA before you have to officially decide.

5.    You want to live by an honor code that says you will not lie, cheat or steal. We take great pride in our character and ethics at USNA. We understand that people make mistakes, but we will build your character to a point that you will be able to overcome mistakes and do the right thing at all times.

6.    You like being on the water – but prior sailing experience is not required! USNA teaches everyone basic sailing and has a number of opportunities for overnight sailing trips to the Bahamas and Canada. We also teach basic swimming and ship navigation.

7.    You seek leadership opportunities and responsibility. You will learn to lead your peers and teach the underclassmen about leadership, ethics and personal development. They will look to you as a mentor and guide. As a Naval officer you will be respected not only by the Sailors or Marines you lead, but also by the citizens and country that you serve.

8.    Drugs are not part of your life. We have a non-negotiable zero tolerance policy. If you’re into drugs, we’d rather not have you here.

9.    You want a cultural experience outside the U.S. USNA has hundreds of overseas cultural and language learning opportunities, from Europe to Asia to Africa to South America. These opportunities are incredibly unique and will be provided at no cost to you. Very few other colleges will be able to offer you anything similar.

10.  Let’s be honest, the idea of wearing dress whites is awesome. If you have to wear a uniform, you may as well do it in style. It has also been suggested that the Marines have pretty decent uniforms…we’ll let you decide!

ashley-rawlsAshley Rawls is the Digital Media Specialist for the United States Naval Academy Office of Admissions. She maintains USNA's presence on social media sites and acts as an advisor to interested students. She began working at the Naval Academy in November of 2011 after moving to Annapolis from Texas, where she previously worked in higher education after obtaining my government degree from the University of Texas at Austin.
Her favorite thing about the Naval Academy is the fabulous location. Annapolis, Maryland is a classic city right on the Chesapeake Bay. Ask Ashley a question.

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